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July 20, 2010

Irissa and Max at The Plaza Hotel

April 15, 2017

Irissa and Max celebrated their wedding at the Grand Ballroom at the historic Plaza Hotel in New York City, home to many famed love stories elegant celebrations. Their wedding, held in the spring, was the quintessential NYC to tie the knot. Spring, the season of budding flowers, new beginnings, of romance. Despite the traditional locale, they kept it modern, reflected in small gestures. For an example, Max left Irissa a note on hotel stationary that reading, OBSESSED WITH YOU! He actually left them all over the bridal suite each with a though of love. She and her bridesmaids jumped on her bed with her niece in the middle, as if her they were children again, shaking off the nerves before her day officially began Her team, including her beautiful mother, helped her get dressed her in the Legacy Penthouse Suite. For her bouquets, Irissa asked for very simplistic petite arrangements of fragrant white Roses. Her entire bridesmaid gang, including her niece the young flower girl that stole the show (twirling in her white tutu, jumping on the bed with the other ladies I'm sure she looked up to), radiated an inexhaustible joie de vivre; an excitement in the overarching sentiment of the day.

It was a sentimental affair. In one picture, Irissa's mom makes a speech, bringing her daughter to happy tears. A sense of gratitude awashed the room the entire night. Both of Max's parents walked him down the aisle, followed by Irissa's parents, leading her to greet him under a soft and sensual floral chuppah made of Cherry Blossoms. And then the affair truly began. They ate in the Grand Ballroom; long thin tables, covered in white tablecloths, white candles, and centerpieces of tall trees designed from Camellia; a foliage that symbolizes longevity. Hundreds of French Gardenias were scattered on the dinner tables for a sublime scent and understated elegance.  The long runner of white Hydrangea created the look of ethereal clouds, billowing and falling off of the tables for a dreamy style.  The groomsmen, handsome and iconic in black tuxes are seen breaking loose on the dance floor, embracing their best friends big day. With grace and ease Irissa and Max's wedding was celebrated. Their first dance was hearkened to an old, Hollywood romance; all eyes were on them, as they gracefully, and lovingly, shared their first dance as a married couple. And her Marchesa dress showed off her lithe, thin, muscular body, moving like a gazelle, she was the belle of the ball. Her hair, long and tousled, worked perfectly with the fluidity of her dress, her movement, her confidence in Max as her husband. When they danced the horah, their hands were firmly clasped, smiles firmly plastered. These two are a strong secure couple. And it shows. When Irissa was hoisted up, solo, she looked calm, but elated. She surrendered to the hands of all her loving attendees. She trusted them to take care of her, and not let her fall. And, what a metaphor, because Irissa and Max are a team, a team that had great role models, were surrounded by great friends, and who tied the knot at a place that boasts timeless celebrations. We're including Irissa and Max in that. Mazel Tov!

planning & design: Forever Events  florals: Belle Fleur NY venue: Plaza Hotel  dress: Marchesa